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Empowering residents to reduce the carbon footprint of their home.


Image by Sven Brandsma


Eliminate the use of fossil-fuels in your home by converting gas appliances to electric. Remove carbon monoxide sensors and turn your gas line off for good.

Image by Sven Brandsma


Upgrade to an entirely emission free home. Convert your fossil-fuel powered appliances to electric and install solar technology to power the energy needs of your home.

One of the most important challenges in the fight against climate change will be to electrify the millions of existing homes that are still being powered by fossil fuels. The electric grid in the U.S. is quickly turning green. The electricity that is used to power our homes is increasingly being sourced from renewable sources of energy, and electrifying your home is the most effective way to reduce your personal carbon footprint. It is worth every penny when it comes to saving our planet, and it is our mission to provide you with the simplest tools and resources to achieve this goal.

Electrification of buildings — switching from fossil fuels to electricity use for space heating, water heating, cooking, and clothes drying — represents an important strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In many cities across the U.S., the electricity mix is becoming clean and renewable. This means that using electricity to power our homes already reduces carbon emissions relative to direct-use of natural gas, and these carbon savings will increase over time as the grid become cleaner.

Seventy million homes and businesses across the country burn natural gas, oil, or propane onsite to heating, hot water and cook food, generating 600 million tons of CO2 each year—a tenth of total US emissions. Factor in the latest estimates of methane leakage, and that number rises to as much as one billion tons. States and cities won’t meet their ambitious climate goals without a concerted effort to curb these emissions; however, the problem is currently unattended and getting worse.

$0 upfront cost

$ in annual savings from energy upgrades

$ savings after financing

Homeowners who make energy performance a top priority are more likely to invest in home energy performance. The New Normal project is tapping the power of social science to align influential powerful cultural influencers to motivate homeowners to act and make their homes more energy efficient, resulting in a significant uptick in the adoption of home energy upgrades, minimizing the carbon impact of U.S. homes while delivering on homeowner values like comfort, cost savings, and safety.

We're working with companies and organizations who help shape a customer's relationship with home energy performance including mainstream media, contractors, real estate professionals, and other industry influencers.

  • Mainstream Media Engagement: Working with popular television programs like Property Brothers and other mainstream customer-focused channels to integrate clean energy storylines into popular narratives and make clean energy more conversational, relatable, and desirable

  • Contractor Engagement: Empowering contractors to better engage with homeowners and promote energy upgrade services by using a suite of online and in-person tactics

  • Realtor Engagement: Empowering realtors to better promote the benefits of improved energy performance and increase demand among their buyer and seller clients for energy upgrades

  • Broader Industry Engagement: Publishing and leveraging leading social science and customer research to arm industry partners like service providers, educators, and marketing agencies to compel homeowners to both think differently about their home’s energy performance and take action


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