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Join the network and get paid
every time your data is shared with a third-party. 

Keep your energy data

completely anonymous and

fully controlled by you.

Not your utility company.  

Have you shared your energy data with a device manufacturer, solar installer or demand response aggregator?


When you consent to share your data, a third-party data company is paid to collect your data. We believe that you, the owner of that data, should get paid instead. 

This applies to pretty much any industry where others profit through the sharing and distribution of consumer data. But the energy industry is particularly important. Utility data is key to breaking the fossil fuel monopoly.


Utility companies hold a monopoly and are unwilling to share the data and often make it difficult for you to share it as well.

We are changing that. Join our nationwide energy network. Your data is fully anonymized, and kept on a decentralized network. Only you decide who has access and how much to charge for it.

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