Unlock rebates, incentives, and green financing for your customers by including energy insights with a home inspection.

the power of data  

Only want to offer rebate data? No problem. Work with Joule in a way that makes sense for your business. Our data suite offers different ways to educate your customers on how best to lower energy bills, reduce emissions, and live in a healthier, more comfortable home.

Annual energy costs

Rebates & Incentives
Efficiency upgrades
Local Contractors
Green Financing

our services

lead generation

We educate consumers on the benefits of making sustainable improvements to their home.

data integration

We offer a suite of data solutions for inspection reports, including lender-approved energy audits.

Pricing engine

We partner with a national network of qualified home performance contractors to collect market rate pricing.

secured financing

We partner with lenders to accelerate the movement of secured financing into green renovation projects.

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